How to Make an Entertaining Explainer Video

Getting Millennials’ Attention with an Explainer Video

Young adults are spending more time online buying products and services, so why not auto financing? Whip Automotive was a new company looking for a creative way to set them apart from the myriad competitors vying to finance Millennial vehicle purchases. So AdEasy created an animated explainer video that’s fun to watch and designed to attract eyeballs on social, giving Whip an edge with a younger demographic.

The Challenge:

Competing in a crowded market, car dealerships spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on online ads. We needed to attract a younger demographic, Millennials, and inspire them to trust Whip to help them finance their next vehicle.

Our Approach:

In addition to the animated explainer, we improved communication using Active Campaign, and set up an 8-step email marketing funnel for new leads that would trigger automatically as customers moved through the financing and vehicle purchasing journey.


The Results:

With only a budget of $2,685, we generated…
Impressions: 64,560
Cost / Lead: $89
On-Facebook Leads: 30


The Final Word:

It’s important to consider your target when developing your creative, both visuals and messaging, and tailoring it to resonate with the people you’re trying to speak to. 

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