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Direct Marketing Campaigns

AdEasy’s Direct Connect Campaigns automate your follow-up emails, text message reminders, and seasonal promotions, keeping your prospects, leads, and customers engaged with your brand and improving your average sale per buyer.

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What Can Direct Marketing Do For You?

Set it and forget it—that’s the beautiful thing about implementing automation into your sales and marketing departments. You’re not paying for ads, but this completes the Top 3 AdEasy services that we believe all businesses should be investing in.

How Do Google Ads Work?


It Begins With a Google Search

When your customer searches a keyword (or words) in the Google Search bar or Google Maps, they are served a list of results related to that query.

Top Search Results Get Clicked

If your business appears in the top 3 placements, there's a 75.1% chance that the customer will click on your ad and visit your website.

You Pay for Each Click

This where the term Pay-Per-Click or PPC comes from. You'll hear us use that term a lot. Basically it means you get charged only when someone clicks on your ad.
Ad Headline

This is your Google Search Ad Headline. Headlines are written based on different search queries so they are relevant to your customer.

Ad Description

This is your Ad Description. It appears below your Headline and provides your customer with a little bit more information about what you’re selling.

Ad Extensions

These are called Ad Extensions. Ad Extensions appear below the ad description and allow your customers to visit other pages on your website that may be more relevant to their search query.

This Is A Search Query

Your customers search for your products in this search bar.

Clean Line Plumbing

Google Ads Client Success 

Clean Line is one of the largest residential and commercial plumbing companies in Winnipeg. Since investing in online advertising with AdEasy, they’ve grown 20% year-over-year, adding over a million dollars in new customer revenue.

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How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

Well, it depends. The cost of Google Ads is based on a number of factors, including the demand for your keywords, your industry, your location, and the quality of your ad campaigns. 

For example, the Top 3 Most Expensive Google Keywords are “Insurance,” “Loans,” and “Mortgage” – all around $50 per click. But the average cost per click across all industries is more in the $3 range. 

Where Your Google Ads Are Shown

6 potential ad placements.

Google Search

Your ads are shown when someone looks up a product or service related to your company in Google’s search bar.

Google Maps

Your business location appears in Google Maps when someone enters a search within their Google Maps app.

YouTube Text Ads

YouTube isn’t only for video ads, text ads also show up on the platform through Googles ad network.

Gmail Ads

Ads may also appear at the top of free Gmail users inboxes.

Google’s Partner Network

There are over 500,000 websites that can display your ads within their blogs.

Google Display Network

There are over 2 million Google Display Network partners featuring animated image ads.

3 Ways To Invest

Choose a Google Campaign payment option that’s best for your current situation.
23% Annual


Want to save some cash by paying upfront? This option is for you.




New to Facebook and want to try it out, then this is a good option for you.


Equal Payments


Pay a little extra monthly for a one-year managed service contract.


What’s Included

Campaign Development

  • 5-Step Campaign Development Process
  • Industry Keyword Research
  • Campaign Strategy

Custom Ad Placement & Targeting

  • All Google-owned platforms & channels
  • Optimized Ad scheduling
  • Demographics Targeting
  • Ads served in one city or defined territory
  • Geo-location targeting down to one-mile

Professional Campaign Management

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Detailed Monthly Report
  • Ad Spend Consulting
  • 12 Months Campaign Result Optimization

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Campaign Add-Ons

CallRails Call Tracking - $250/month

What is Call Tracking?

Ever ask a caller, “how’d you find out about our business?” With call tracking software, you’ll know the answer before you pick up the phone. Even better, you’ll see which ad, campaign, or keyword got their attention.

Now, imagine the power of knowing why each of your contacts called, every time they reach out. When you understand what makes your phones ring (and texts ping), you’ll stop wasting money on what doesn’t.

Premium Stock Photos - $350

Our team will source premium stock photos for your campaign.

Animated GIF's - $750

Animated GIF’s are images with looping graphics. AdEasy will create a short series of up to three animated GIF’s for your campaign. (check out the top of this page)

Promotional Videos - Starting at $2,500

Stock Promotional Video – $2,500

We use images and stock video clips that are specific to your industry, keeping the cost down and getting a video to market fast.


Green Screen Promotional Video – $4,500

The use of a green screen for video production enables AdEasy to shoot in a controlled environment and, in post-production, place you, one of your employees, or an actor in front of any type of background or scenario you like.


On-Site Promotional Video – $13,500

On-Site Promo Videos are effective for storytelling and shot in multiple locations, such as on-site of your business, in outdoor locations, or in your customer’s home.


Sales Landing Page - $3,500

Custom landing page designed to increase the close rate of your leads, prospects and sales.

Lead Magnets - Starting at $1,500

Online Quiz – $1,500

5-Page Lead Magnet Brochure – $2,500

10-Page Lead Magnet Brochure – $4,500

Core campaign development process