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AdEasy Elite Partner Success Stories

Clean Line Hits a Record 2,440 New Customer Leads in 2021

Over the last 5 years, Clean Line has received over 6,400 new customer leads, and grown annual revenue from $3M in 2017 to $10M in 2021.

Polar Windows Earns $765k in Revenue from Online PPC Ad Campaigns in 2021

Over the last four years, Polar has received over 300% more leads from online advertising as an AdEasy Elite Partner compared to 2017

Ultracuts Receives 57,921 Visits to their Online Booking Page from PPC Campaigns in 2021

Ultracuts joined AdEasy’s Elite Partner Program in 2018 and received over 57,000 online booking page visits on their website in 2021.

Client Projects


ADESA Auctions C2D Promotional Videos 2021

AdEasy developed a series of promotional videos to help ADESA Auctions advertise its vehicle consignment…
29 May 2021

ADESA Auctions “Sold Over Asking” Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

There's only one place where you can sell a used car and be guaranteed your…
29 May 2021

Pinnacle Painting & Decorating Promotional Videos

As a homeowner, when you're allowing trades into your home, trust is everything. AdEasy showed…
29 May 2021

Polar Windows “5 Signs” Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

Replacing your windows improves the comfort of your home and lowers your energy bills by…
29 June 2021