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Landing Pages

AdEasy’s custom Landing Pages are designed to improve communication and increase engagement with your customers for your products and offers.

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Whats In A Landing Page?

Engaging Hero Section

When your customer lands on your page it’s important you pique their interest so they’re interested in learning more about your offer.

What Your Offering

This section includes information about you’re offering your customers.

Your Process

This section tells the customer what your process is for developing or buying your products and services.

Conversion Event

This can be a form, product add-to-cart, or phone number. This is how your customers engage with your business and the main purpose of this landing page.

Landing Page Offers

Sales Landing Page

From $3,500

Sales landing pages are designed specifically to sell your ideal buyer on your products and services. Their sole purpose is to sell. There’s no navigating from the page, everything the customer needs is presented to them in an easy-to-digest manner. These are best used for social media website conversion campaigns or product-specific Google Ads campaigns. If you need a Sales Landing Page for your campaign then book a call.

Lead Magnet Landing Page

From $1,500

Lead Magnet Landing Pages are designed specifically to convince your prospects they should opt-in to download your lead magnet such as a product or service brochure, email sign-up, or quiz. If you need a Lead Magnet Landing Page for your business then book a call.

Thank-You Landing Page

From $750

Customers are taken to your Thank-You Landing Page after they submit the form on your main landing page. Your Thank-You page is a great opportunity to re-engage the customer post opt-in with additional information about your offer, social proof and discounted complimentary services. If you need a Thank-You Landing Page for your business then book a call.

What’s Included


Depending on the type of Landing Page your choose for your business some or all of the following may be including in the Pre-Production Landing Page development stage.

  • Collect Your Media Collateral
  • Conversion Event Strategy
  • Stock Images & Videos
  • Production Plan & Budget


Depending on the type of Landing Page your choose for your business some or all of the following may be including in the Production development stage.

  • Landing Page Design
  • Media Development
  • Graphic Images
  • WordPress Coding
  • Software Integration


Once your landing page is launched, we run tests and review traffic data to ensure the page is performing as expected.

  • Conversion Event Audit
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Page Speed Test

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Landing Page Add-Ons

Premium Stock Photos - $350

Our team will source premium stock photos for your campaign.

Animated GIFs - $750

Animated GIFs are images with looping graphics. AdEasy will create a short series of up to 3 animated GIFs for your Landing Page.

Promotional Videos - From $2,500

Stock Promotional Video – From $2,500

We use images and stock video clips that are specific to your industry, keeping the cost down and getting a video to market fast.


Green Screen Promotional Video – From $6,500

The use of a green screen for video production enables AdEasy to shoot in a controlled environment and, in post-production, place you, one of your employees, or an actor in front of any type of background or scenario you like.


On-Site Promotional Video – $8,500

On-Site Promo Videos are effective for storytelling and shot in multiple locations, such as on-site of your business, in outdoor locations, or in your customer’s home.


Want to learn about our promotional video offers in more detail? Click here.