Clean Line Receives a Record 2,440 Client Leads 

Clean Line has been an AdEasy Elite Partner since 2018. AdEasy has delivered over 6,400 leads during that time, with a record 2,440 leads generated through digital marketing campaigns in 2022.


New Customer Leads from optimized Google Ads campaign as a T1 Elite Partner.


Increase in annual sales over the last 5 years.


Return on every dollar spent on Google Ads. 


Five years ago, Clean Line wasn’t promoting its services online. It relied on traditional mediums such as the Yellow Pages, magazine and radio ads. 

Business was good, but growth was stagnant. In 2017, Clean Line joined AdEasy’s Elite Partner Program and received 497 leads while increasing sales revenue by 330%


  • Customer: Jeromy Peel, General Manager
  • Company:  Clean Line Sewer & Drain
  • Industry:  Plumbing 
  • Company Size: 40+
  • Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
  • Services: T1 Elite Partner

Solidifying a Digital Foundation

Back in 2016, Clean Line did have a website but, like many websites built in the early 2000s, it was outdated, often went offline, and frequently crashed for no apparent reason. 

Back then a big trend was just starting to emerge: the increase in online search using mobile devices. Ten years prior, it wasn’t crucial for your website to work well on mobile phones. Most consumers were still using their desktop Mac and Windows PC computers to browse the web.

The internet speed on early mobile devices was terribly slow and the processing power was not fast enough to keep up. Mobile traffic accounted for only 15-20% of monthly traffic to your website. But the landscape was quickly changing.

By 2017, the number of people visiting your website on their mobile devices was basically at par with those coming via desktop. Today, mobile traffic accounts for almost 70% (and climbing) of all website traffic.

In 2017, once AdEasy first began promoting Clean Line, we tried to simply improve upon their existing website. Unfortunately, the crashing continued, we couldn’t make it responsive on mobile devices, and together we agreed it was high time a new website be developed. 

The resulting new website was easy to use, could be found in Google-related search results and, best of all, worked seamlessly on mobile devices.

Growth via Campaign Optimization (er…Campaign What?)

We’re not throwing out marketing buzzwords to confuse anyone,  but the success of Clean Line’s digital campaigns really comes down to the team behind the scenes. Google Ads are still one of the most profitable forms of advertising, especially for a service-based company like Clean Line. 

If you had a plumbing issue and didn’t know a plumber, what would you do? More than likely you’d search for plumbers near you on Google or maybe even post about your issue on Facebook. Either way,  you’d likely start your hunt for a solution online.

Media Buying, Campaign Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization…these are some of the complicated topics we’re not getting into today. But in a nutshell, there’s a team of very experienced digital marketers that spend a lot of time each month analyzing the data from the Google Ads Campaigns and looking for opportunities to improve on the results. That’s how campaign results improve over time, as you can see from the graph below:

Positive Reviews Make a Big Impact

A few years into our partnership, Clean Line made it a priority to start collecting more Google Reviews online. We set up their Google My Business page with information about their business and services offered. 

We provided Jeromy and his team with a link to their page so they could share it when asking customers for a review. Over a period of 18 months, they managed to accumulate over 300+ 5-star Google reviews.

Earning 300+ 5-star reviews has made a big impact on the success of Clean Line’s Google Ads campaigns for a few reasons:

Appear In Search Results

When you search for a company by name on Google, your Google My Business listing appears. Right at the top of the listing is your Google Review rating. Now if you saw a company with a 2.5-star rating, wouldn’t you be hesitant to call them?

Builds Social Proof

In a plumbing emergency, you need to build trust fast. When customers are considering using your services, they want to know that you’ve done good work for others in their situation. This is why positive reviews are a powerful persuasion tool at your disposal.

Use them on Your Website

Using a WordPress plugin, we were able to easily add these positive reviews to Clean Line’s website. By doing so, we further reinforced Clean Line’s reputation and built consumer confidence that they were the right solution for a potential customer’s plumbing needs.

Getting Smart with Google SMART Campaigns

In 2018, Google announced a new ad product called Google SMART Campaigns. These were different from Search in that they were a simplified version of the classic Google Search campaign. Google’s goal was to make it easier for small businesses to advertise online. 

At AdEasy, we love using these campaigns for Clean Line in conjunction with their Search campaigns for a few reasons. One advantage of using SMART campaigns is that they show your brand’s ads in Google Maps. Your review rating shows up along with the search result. Another reason to get those reviews up!

Creating Seasonal Offers

Throughout the year, as the weather in Winnipeg climbs above 30℃ in the summer and below the temperature of Mars in the winter, the needs of Clean Line’s customers change. As the snow thaws, the demand for sump pumps and main line cleaning services rise. While discussing some of the challenges that homeowners face, we came up with a new offer for Clean Line’s customers: The Clean Line Spring Checkup for $299.  

We combined a few of Clean Line’s services, including a Sump Pump Check, Mainline Sewer Cleaning & Inspection, and a Backup Valve Inspection, then set up a new splash page on the website to promote the offer.

Having Clean Line service these three items annually prevents flooding and sewage backup in your home. Through this limited-time offer, homeowners saved $250 over buying these same services separately. For Clean Line, the packaged offer increased the average revenue per customer, so it was a win-win.

Supporting Community Initiatives 

Jeromy and the Clean Line family are big supporters of their local community. In 2020, AdEasy approached Jeromy about sponsoring an adaptive Dream Bike for a child living with a physical disability.  Jeromy was happy to jump on the opportunity and Clean Line sponsored a bike for Nolan.

Play Video

Watch the Clean Line Dream Bike Video

Overall Results

Over the last 5 years, Clean Line has achieved spectacular growth while being an AdEasy Elite Partner. They’ve received over 6,400 leads, grown their annual sales revenue from $3M to $10M in 2021, and acquired new services to add to their portfolio. 

We’ve been excited to watch Clean Line grow and are looking forward to continuing to help them thrive for years to come.