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Last December our team at AdEasy hosted a Dream Ride event and we managed to raise $5200 from friends and family within 6 weeks to sponsor an adaptive bike. It was definitely a challenge but it really brought our team closer together.

So that’s how our team decided to raise the funds, but there’s a few way that your business can sponsor a bike:

The easiest way is to simply donate the funds on your companies behalf and get a tax receipt.

If you want to get your employees involved, you can ask them to raise funds from friends and family and then have your company match the funds raised to hit your goal.

Or you can host an event like the Dream Ride.

Your company will receive images of the child with their new bike once it’s delivered, and Freedom Concepts can also arrange a bike giveaway event at your store or workplace.

Right now demand is really high, so please become a Dream Bike sponsor and give a child the freedom to ride a bike, something we all took for granted as kids growing up.

To get information about the program, click below to download the Dream Bike program brochure.

Our team at AdEasy and our friends at Freedom Concepts appreciate your support.

Learn more by visiting the official Dream Bike website. 

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