Animated GIFs Help Stop the Scroll

Using GIFs to Earn More Views on Facebook

The Challenge:

Knowing there’s a stigma to selling your vehicle at an auction, we needed to find an easy way to show how user-friendly ADESA Auctions’ vehicle consignment services actually are.

Our Approach:

We created a series of colourful GIFs – those fun, looping animations that have become almost an entirely new language online – to help ADESA get more traction with users on Facebook in an unexpected way.


GIFs are also a quick, easy read, which makes them perfect for social media, where they break through the clutter to connect with scroll-happy users flipping through their feed.


For this one, our videographer used a drone to hover over ADESA’s building where vehicles were being auctioned off every 60 seconds. We then incorporated audio from the live auction and added these prices as vehicles were being sold.

The Results: 

This campaign – which we ran in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Windsor – racked up impressive numbers…
CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions): $10
Link Clicks: 20,000+
Impressions: 3M+
CTR (Clickthrough Rate): 0.97%


The Final Word:

By employing a more animated approach tailor-made for Facebook, we better articulated ADESA Auctions’ offering much more clearly than if we were to rely on text and a static image alone. And we did it in a visual language in which the platform’s users are all fluent, giving it relatability and resonance.

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