Polar Windows Earns $765k in Revenue 

from Online PPC Ad Campaigns in 2021

Over the last four years, Polar has received over 300% more leads from online advertising as an AdEasy Elite Partner compared to 2017.


New business revenue from digital campaigns.


 Leads from Facebook and Google PPC ad campaigns


Return on ad spend (ROAS) from $115k invested.


In 2018, Polar Windows contacted AdEasy to build and manage a competitive digital strategy to ensure they could  maintain their market share and stave off competition. 

Over three years, AdEasy developed key assets and pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns to help promote the Polar Window advantage to its customers online. In 2021, Polar Windows received 765k in annual sales  from online advertising  campaigns, an increase of 67% from two years prior.

Company Overview

  • Customer: Stephen Segal, CEO
  • Company:  Polar Windows
  • Industry:  Window & Door
  • Company Size: 100 Employees
  • Winnipeg, Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton

AdEasy Services: 

  • 4 Years T2 Elite Partner (and counting!)
  • PPC Campaign Management
  • Media Buying 
  • Community Management 
  • Website Updates
  • New Media Design 
  • Promotional Videos

Polars Agency Strategy in 2017

Polar was working with another agency in 2017 before joining AdEasy’s Elite Partner Program. At the time, Polar was pushing an innovative product, Blinds Between Glass. Window blinds that are traditionally mounted on the outside of the window were now fixed between the triple-pane windows. A pretty cool product, especially if you own any pets and have experienced them scratching at the blinds or getting tangled in them. 

Their agency at the time took a traditional approach with the ad media for this product. The creative featured actors wrapped in blinds, stuck in plastic, and disgruntled homeowners having to dust their blinds in an attempt to push pain points on consumers.

These ads, featured on and offline, definitely attracted attention in billboard placements, but the online campaign did not perform well. In the fall of 2017, Polar spent $150k on online campaigns, received 111 leads, closed 25, and earned $208k in new business revenue.

AdEasy Charts a New Direction

Polar became an AdEasy Elite Partner in 2018. As a digital-first agency, we took a different approach than the previous agency of record. Polar Windows sells a high-end residential window of superior construction and durability to those of its competitors. Knowing many consumers compare on price alone, we decided we needed to better articulate “The Polar Difference.”

Benefit-Driven Promotional Videos

We shot a series of educational promotional videos on-site, taking viewers on a deep dive into the benefits of Polar’s patented process and technology, their unbeatable lifetime warranty, and the warning signs that it’s time to replace your windows.

Facebook Lead Generation

Promotional videos were used within a Facebook paid ads campaign marketing funnel, delivering prospects to a lead form to request an in-home estimate. Once a customer filled out the form, the lead was automatically transferred into Salesforce where a sales agent received the user’s information and could then contact them to book an in-home estimate.

Google Ads Campaigns

Our team wanted to ensure the messaging and media was reaching Polar’s customers consistently across online platforms. We ran the same promotional videos used on Facebook for a YouTube ad placement.

Homeowners searching for window replacement are the most likely to purchase Polar’s products, therefore we  advised Polar to use a good portion of their annual ad spend budget on an aggressive Google Search campaign.

Website Enhancements 

Over a three-year period, AdEasy made some significant improvements to Polar’s website, creating a modern feel and simplified user experience. Images focused on family comfort are welcoming and inviting.

AdEasy Results

Over the last four years, Polar has received over 300% more leads from online advertising as an AdEasy Elite Partner compared to 2017. In 2021, they won 108 deals and earned over $765k in revenue attributed to online leads. 

By 2020, Polar began acquiring other window and door companies in Canada, and now has a portfolio of five companies and over 500 employees. We’ve been excited to watch Polar Windows grow and are looking forward to continuing to help them thrive for years to come.

We chose AdEasy* because they’re focused on digital marketing and emerging technology. – Stephen Segal, CEO 

*AdEasy was formerly Exchange Agency, we updated our brand in January 2021.