How On-Site Promotional Videos Inspire Sales

Have a Unique Product? Show, Don’t Tell.


The Challenge:

Polar Windows sells a high-end residential window of superior construction and durability to those of its competitors. Knowing many consumers compare on price alone, we knew we needed to better articulate “The Polar Difference.”


Our Approach:

We shot a series of educational promotional videos on-site, taking viewers on a deep dive into the benefits of Polar’s patented process and technology, their unbeatable lifetime warranty, and the warning signs that it’s time to replace your windows. Promotional videos were used within a Facebook paid ads campaign marketing funnel, delivering prospects to a lead form to request an in-home estimate.

The Final Word:

By shooting these videos right in the showroom with one of the company’s most knowledgeable sales agents, we brought the in-store experience to the prospective customer in a snackable, highly watchable way that efficiently communicated “The Polar Difference.”

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